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We Buy, Sell & Pawn Coins and Gold & Silver bullion in Southwest Colorado

Whether you are looking for a coin to complete your collection, buying a unique gift for a family or friend, want to see what your coins are worth, or need a precious metal loan, come visit KP Pawn for all of your coin or bullion needs.

KP Pawn – Your Local Coin Professionals in Southwest Colorado

As the only coin shop in Durango, Colorado, we have the best selection in the area with new items coming in every single day. We have trained, ANA certified coin graders and professional staff that can give you the ease of mind with the correct appraisals and values for your coins. KP Pawn is now offering low-interest short term loans against your Gold, Silver & Platinum.

Do you own precious metals you would rather not sell, but need access to cash?

KP Pawn can extend you a cash loan on your gold, silver, and/or platinum bullion coins, bars, and rounds. 

It only takes a few days to close and fund your loan, all without tapping the equity in your home or selling off any of your precious metals, stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments! KP Pawn’s loan rate for precious metals is 80% of the current market value.  We use APMEX’s spot price.  We offer renewable 30 day loans at the following rates:

$100-$500 – 15%/mo

$501-$1000 – 10%/mo

$1001-$5000 – 5%/mo

$5001-$10000 – 3%/mo

When comparing to other short term loans from banks, we can get you up to $10,000 cash for only $300 of interest fees. Often times banks loan origination fees can be much higher.  Those rates along with early payoff penalties and interest, a loan with KP Pawn is often the most feasible way to go.

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Platinum Price

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Palladium Price

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Getting a Precious Metals Loan is Easy

  1. Call 970-403-3300 and speak with one of our loan specialists.
  2. Ship your precious metals collateral to KP Pawn for inspection and storage
  3. After you execute our loan documents, we issue funds immediately (Funds can be issued by way of cash, (if in person), bank wire or PayPal
  4. Once you pay off the loan, you may withdraw or sell your precious metals or continue to keep in storage for a small monthly fee.

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